srvctl add network

Adds a static or dynamic network. If your server connects to more than one network, then you can use this command to configure an additional network interface for Oracle RAC, allowing you to create VIPs on multiple public networks. You can also use the LISTENER_NETWORKS database initialization parameter to control client redirects to the appropriate network


  • This command is only available with Oracle Clusterware.

  • Oracle only supports DHCP-assigned networks for the default network, not for subsequent networks.

Syntax and Parameters

Use the srvctl add network command with the following syntax:

srvctl add network [-netnum net_number] -subnet subnet/netmask[/if1[|if2|...]]
   [-nettype {static | dhcp | autoconfig | mixed}]
   [-leaf] [-pingtarget "ping_target_list"] [-verbose]

Table A-13 srvctl add network Parameters

Parameter Description
-netnum net_number

Specify a network number. The default is 1.

-subnet subnet/netmask

Defines a subnet. If you do not specify any interface names, then the network uses any interface on the given subnet.

For IPv6, netmask is a prefix length, such as 64.

-nettype {static|dhcp|autoconfig|mixed}

Specify the network type: static, dhcp, autoconfig, or mixed.

If you specify static for the network type, then you must provide the virtual IP address using the srvctl add vip command.

If you specify dhcp for the network type, then the VIP agent obtains the IP address from a DHCP server.

If you specify autoconfig for the network type, then the VIP agent generates a stateless IPv6 address for the network. You can only use autoconfig for IPv6 networks. If the subnet/netmask specification is not for an IPv6 address, then SRVCTL returns an error.

If you specify mixed for the network type, then the VIP resource uses both a static IP address and an IP address obtained dynamically, either from a DHCP server for IPv4 or using stateless autoconfiguration for IPv6.


Specify the -leaf parameter when you want to create an application VIP network resource that runs only on Leaf Nodes and is used by application VIPs.

[-pingtarget "ping_target_list"]

Specify a comma-delimited list of IP addresses or host names to ping.


Verbose output.

Usage Notes

  • On Linux and UNIX systems, you must be logged in as root and on Windows, you must be logged in as a user with Administrator privileges to run this command.


An example of this command is:

# srvctl add network -netnum 3 -subnet