Considerations for Using Noncluster File System Local Archiving

If you use noncluster file system local archiving for media recovery, then you must configure the node that is performing recovery for remote access to the other nodes so that it can read the archived redo log files in the archive directories on the other nodes. In addition, if you are performing recovery and you do not have all of the available archive logs, then you must perform an incomplete recovery up to the first missing archived redo log sequence number. You do not have to use a specific configuration for this scheme. However, to distribute the backup processing onto multiple nodes, the easiest method is to configure channels as described in the backup scenarios in Managing Backup and Recovery.


Because different file systems are used in a noncluster case, the archive log directories must be unique on each node. For example, /arc_dest_1 is only available on node1, /arc_dest_2 is only directly mounted on node2, and so on.

Then node1 mounts /arc_dest_2 from node2 and /arc_dest_3 from node3 through NFS.