19.8 Upgrade Considerations

Upgrading data masking definitions from 10 or 11 Grid Control to 12c Cloud Control assumes that you have completed the following tasks:

  • Upgraded Enterprise Manager to 12c

  • Downloaded the latest database plug-in using Self Update and deployed the plug-in to OMS and Management Agent

Completing these tasks automatically upgrades the masking definitions and creates for each a shell Application Data Model (ADM) that becomes populated with the sensitive columns and their dependent column information from the legacy mask definition. The ADM, and hence data masking, then remains in an unverified state, because it is missing the dictionary relationships.

Proceed as follows to complete the masking definition upgrade:

  1. From the Enterprise menu, select Quality Management, then select Data Discovery and Modeling.

  2. For each shell ADM (verification status is Needs Upgrade), do the following:

    1. Select the ADM in the table.

    2. From the Actions menu, select Upgrade and Verify.

    3. Schedule and submit the job.

      When the job completes, verification status should be Valid.

  3. From the Enterprise menu, select Quality Management, then select Data Masking Definitions.

  4. For each upgraded masking definition, do the following:

    1. Open the masking definition for editing.

    2. In Advanced Options, select the "Recompile invalid dependent objects after masking" option, with Parallel and Default settings.

    3. Click OK to save your changes.

  5. Next, schedule a script generation job for each upgraded masking definition.

You can now resume masking with the upgraded data masking definitions.

See Also:

"Adding Dependent Columns" for information on dependent columns

Consider these other points regarding upgrades:

  • You can combine multiple upgraded ADMs by exporting an ADM and performing an Import Content into another ADM.

  • An upgraded ADM uses the same semantics as for upgrading a legacy mask definition (discussed above), in that you would need to perform a validation.

  • An 11.1 Grid Control E-Business Suite (EBS) masking definition based on an EBS masking template shipped from Oracle is treated as a custom application after the upgrade. You can always use the approach discussed in the first bulleted item above to move into a newly created EBS ADM with all of the metadata in place. However, this is not required.