13 Analyzing Captured and Replayed Workloads

This chapter describes how to analyze captured and replayed workloads using various Database Replay reports:

  • Workload capture reports

    Workload capture reports display information about captured workloads. See "Using Workload Capture Reports".

  • Workload replay reports

    Workload replay reports measure performance differences between the capture system and the replay system. See "Using Workload Replay Reports".

  • Replay compare period reports

    Replay compare period reports compare a workload replay to its capture, or to another replay of the same capture. If you are using Consolidated Database Replay, this report also compares multiple workload captures to a consolidated replay. See "Using Replay Compare Period Reports".

  • SQL Performance Analyzer reports

    SQL Performance Analyzer reports compare a SQL tuning set from a workload replay to one from its workload capture, or two SQL tuning sets from two workload replays. See "Using SQL Performance Analyzer Reports".


After the replay analysis is complete, you can restore the database to its original state at the time of workload capture and repeat workload replay to test other changes to the system once the workload directory object is backed up to another physical location.