2.3 Creating a SQL Performance Analyzer Task

After the SQL workload is captured and transported to the test system, and the initial database environment is properly configured, you can run SQL Performance Analyzer to analyze the effects of a system change on SQL performance.

To run SQL Performance Analyzer, you must first create a SQL Performance Analyzer task. A task is a container that encapsulates all of the data about a complete SQL Performance Analyzer analysis. A SQL Performance Analyzer analysis comprises of at least two SQL trials and a comparison. A SQL trial encapsulates the execution performance of a SQL tuning set under specific environmental conditions. When creating a SQL Performance Analyzer task, you will need to select a SQL tuning set as its input source. When building SQL trials using the test execute or explain plan methods, the SQL tuning set will be used as the source for SQL statements. The SQL Performance Analyzer analysis will show the impact of the environmental differences between the two trials.

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