3.3.2 Configuring an Analysis Task for Exadata Simulation Using APIs

You can configure a SQL Performance Analyzer to run the Oracle Exadata simulation. For information about how SQL Performance Analyzer simulates the effects of an Exadata Storage Server installation on the performance of a SQL workload, see "Using the Exadata Simulation Workflow".

To enable Exadata simulation for an analysis task:

  • Call the SET_ANALYSIS_TASK_PARAMETER procedure before creating the post-change SQL trial, as shown in the following example:

    EXEC DBMS_SQLPA.SET_ANALYSIS_TASK_PARAMETER(task_name => 'my_spa_task', -
           parameter => 'CELL_SIMULATION_ENABLED', -
           value => 'TRUE');

    This will enable Exadata simulation when you create the post-change SQL trial, which can then be compared to the pre-change SQL trial that was created with Exadata simulation disabled.

Alternatively, you can run the Exadata simulation using the tcellsim.sql script.

To run the Exadata simulation using tcellsim.sql:

  1. At the SQL prompt, enter:

  2. Enter the name and owner of the SQL tuning set to use:

    Enter value for sts_name: MY_STS
    Enter value for sts_owner: IMMCHAN

    The script then runs the following four steps automatically:

    • Creates a SQL Performance Analyzer task

    • Test executes SQL statements with Exadata simulation disabled

    • Test executes SQL statements with Exadata simulation enabled

    • Compares performance and generates analysis report

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