C.3.43 direct path write

During Direct Path operations, the data is asynchronously written to the database files. At some stage the session needs to make sure that all outstanding asynchronous I/O have been completed to disk. This can also happen if, during a direct write, no more slots are available to store outstanding load requests (a load request could consist of multiple I/Os).

Wait Time: 10 seconds. The session will be posted by the completing asynchronous I/O. It will never wait the entire 10 seconds. The session waits in a tight loop until all outstanding I/Os have completed.

Parameter Description

descriptor address

This is a pointer to the I/O context of outstanding direct I/Os on which the session is currently waiting

first dba

The dba of the oldest I/O in the context referenced by the descriptor address

block cnt

Number of valid buffers in the context referenced by the descriptor address

See Also:

Oracle Database Performance Tuning Guide for more information about this parameter