C.3.157 TCP Socket (KGAS)

A session is waiting for an external host to provide requested data over a network socket. The time that this wait event tracks does not indicate a problem, and even a long wait time is not a reason to contact Oracle Support. It naturally takes time for data to flow between hosts over a network, and for the remote aspect of an application to process any request made to it. An application that communicates with a remote host must wait until the data it will read has arrived. In addition, on Microsoft Windows, a separate thread monitors the arrival of traffic. This thread spends most of its life in waits tracked by the TCP Socket (KGAS) wait event.

Wait Time: The total elapsed time for the network connection to be established or for data to arrive from over the network

Parameter Description


For Oracle internal use only. Values 8, 9, and 10 occur within the special thread present on Microsoft Windows; other P0 values occur in normal user sessions.


For Oracle internal use only