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Changes in This Release for Oracle Data Guard Concepts and Administration

Part I Concepts and Administration

1 Introduction to Oracle Data Guard

2 Getting Started with Oracle Data Guard

3 Creating a Physical Standby Database

4 Creating a Logical Standby Database

5 Far Sync

6 Oracle Data Guard Protection Modes

7 Redo Transport Services

8 Apply Services

9 Role Transitions

10 Managing Physical and Snapshot Standby Databases

11 Managing a Logical Standby Database

12 Using RMAN to Back Up and Restore Files

13 Using SQL Apply to Upgrade the Oracle Database

14 Using DBMS_ROLLING to Perform a Rolling Upgrade

15 Oracle Data Guard Scenarios

Part II Reference

16 Initialization Parameters

17 LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n Parameter Attributes

18 SQL Statements Relevant to Oracle Data Guard

19 Views Relevant to Oracle Data Guard


A Troubleshooting Oracle Data Guard

B Upgrading and Downgrading Databases in an Oracle Data Guard Configuration

C Data Type and DDL Support on a Logical Standby Database

D Oracle Data Guard and Oracle Real Application Clusters

E Creating a Standby Database with Recovery Manager

F Setting Archive Tracing

G Performing Role Transitions Using Old Syntax