use_case  IN VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL);


Creates a basic set of EPSG rules to be applied in certain transformations.



Name of the use case to be associated with the application of the EPSG rules that are created. Must be a value from the USE_CASE column of the SDO_PREFERRED_OPS_USER table (described in SDO_PREFERRED_OPS_USER Table).

Usage Notes

This procedure creates rules to implement the main EPSG-defined transformations between specific coordinate reference systems. For transformations between some coordinate reference systems, EPSG has specified rules that should be applied. For any given transformation from one coordinate reference system to another, the EPSG rule might be different from the default Oracle Spatial and Graph rule. If you execute this procedure, the EPSG rules are applied in any such cases. If you do not execute this procedure, the default Spatial and Graph rules are used in such cases.

This procedure inserts many rows into the SDO_PREFERRED_OPS_SYSTEM table (see SDO_PREFERRED_OPS_SYSTEM Table).

To delete the EPSG rules created by this procedure, and thus cause the default Spatial and Graph rules to be used in all cases, use the SDO_CS.DELETE_ALL_EPSG_RULES procedure.


The following example creates a basic set of EPSG rules to be applied in certain transformations.