10.1 Types of Spatial Web Services

Oracle Spatial and Graph provides the following types of web services:

  • Geocoding, which enables users to associate spatial locations (longitude and latitude coordinates) with postal addresses. Geocoding support is explained in Geocoding Address Data.

  • Yellow Pages, which enables users to find businesses by name or category based on their relationship to a location. Yellow Pages support is explained in Business Directory (Yellow Pages) Support.

  • Routing, which provides driving information and instructions for individual or multiple routes. Routing support is explained in Routing Engine.

  • OpenLS, which provides location-based services based on the Open Location Services Initiative (OpenLS) specification for geocoding, mapping, routing, and yellow pages. OpenLS support is explained in OpenLS Support.

  • Web Feature Services (WFS), which enables users to find features (roads, rivers, and so on) based on their relationship to a location or a nonspatial attribute. WFS support is explained in Web Feature Service (WFS) Support.

  • Catalog Services for the Web (CSW), which describes the Oracle Spatial and Graph implementation of the Open GIS Consortium specification for catalog services. According to this specification: "Catalogue services support the ability to publish and search collections of descriptive information (metadata) for data, services, and related information objects." CSW support is explained in Catalog Services for the Web (CSW) Support.