The INSERTXMLAFTER function is deprecated. It is still supported for backward compatibility. However, Oracle recommends that you use XQuery Update instead. See Oracle XML DB Developer's Guide for more information.


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INSERTXMLAFTER inserts one or more nodes of any kind immediately after a target node that is not an attribute node. The XML document that is the target of the insertion can be schema-based or non-schema-based. This function is similar to insertXMLbefore, but it inserts after, not before, the target node.

  • XMLType_instance specifies the target node of the of the insertion.

  • XPath_string is an XPath 1.0 expression that locates in the target node zero or more nodes of any kind except attribute nodes. XML-data is inserted immediately after each of these nodes; that is, each node specified becomes the preceding sibling node of a node specified in value_expr.

  • value_expr is the XML data to be inserted. You can specify one or more nodes of any kind. The order of the nodes is preserved after the insertion.

  • The optional namespace_string is the namespace for the target node.

See Also:

Oracle XML DB Developer's Guide for more information about this function


The following example is similar to that for INSERTCHILDXML, but it adds a third /Owner node after the /Owner node added in the other example. The output of the query has been formatted for readability.

UPDATE warehouses
  SET warehouse_spec = INSERTXMLAFTER(warehouse_spec,
    '/Warehouse/Building/Owner[1]', XMLType('<Owner>SecondOwner</Owner>'))
  WHERE warehouse_id = 3;

SELECT warehouse_name,
       EXTRACT(warehouse_spec, '/Warehouse/Building/Owner') "Owners"
  FROM warehouses
  WHERE warehouse_id = 3;

WAREHOUSE_NAME                      Owners
----------------------------------- ------------------------------
New Jersey                          <Owner>GrandCo</Owner>