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TO_LOB converts LONG or LONG RAW values in the column long_column to LOB values. You can apply this function only to a LONG or LONG RAW column, and only in the select list of a subquery in an INSERT statement.

Before using this function, you must create a LOB column to receive the converted LONG values. To convert LONG values, create a CLOB column. To convert LONG RAW values, create a BLOB column.

You cannot use the TO_LOB function to convert a LONG column to a LOB column in the subquery of a CREATE TABLE ... AS SELECT statement if you are creating an index-organized table. Instead, create the index-organized table without the LONG column, and then use the TO_LOB function in an INSERT ... AS SELECT statement.

You cannot use this function within a PL/SQL package. Instead use the TO_CLOB or TO_BLOB functions.

See Also:

  • the modify_col_properties clause of ALTER TABLE for an alternative method of converting LONG columns to LOB

  • INSERT for information on the subquery of an INSERT statement


The following syntax shows how to use the TO_LOB function on your LONG data in a hypothetical table old_table:

CREATE TABLE new_table (col1, col2, ... lob_col CLOB);
INSERT INTO new_table (select o.col1, o.col2, ... TO_LOB(o.old_long_col)
   FROM old_table o;