Removes a file from an existing package.

Syntax and Description

ips remove file file_name package package_id

file_name is the file to remove from package package_id. The complete path of the file must be specified. (You can use the <ADR_HOME> and <ADR_BASE> variables if desired.)

After removal, the file continues to be tracked within the package metadata to prevent ADRCI from automatically including it later (such as with ADD NEW INCIDENTS). Removing a file, therefore, only sets the EXCLUDE flag for the file to Explicitly excluded.


This example removes a trace file from package 12:

ips remove file <ADR_HOME>/trace/orcl_ora_13579.trc package 12
Removed file <ADR_HOME>/trace/orcl_ora_13579.trc from package 12
ips show files package 12

FILE_ID                4
FILE_LOCATION          <ADR_HOME>/trace
FILE_NAME              orcl_ora_13579.trc
LAST_SEQUENCE          0
EXCLUDE                Explicitly excluded

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