16 The ORACLE_DATAPUMP Access Driver

The ORACLE_DATAPUMP access driver provides a set of access parameters unique to external tables of the type ORACLE_DATAPUMP. You can use the access parameters to modify the default behavior of the access driver. The information you provide through the access driver ensures that data from the data source is processed so that it matches the definition of the external table.

See the following topics for more information:

To successfully use the ORACLE_DATAPUMP access driver, you must have some knowledge of the file format and record format (including character sets and field data types) of the data files on your platform. You must also know enough about SQL to be able to create an external table and perform queries against it.


  • It is sometimes difficult to describe syntax without using other syntax that is not documented until later in the chapter. If it is not clear what some syntax is supposed to do, then you might want to skip ahead and read about that particular element.

  • When identifiers (for example, column or table names) are specified in the external table access parameters, certain values are considered to be reserved words by the access parameter parser. If a reserved word is used as an identifier, then it must be enclosed in double quotation marks. See "Reserved Words for the ORACLE_DATAPUMP Access Driver".