What Are the Basic Steps in Using the Data Pump API?

To use the Data Pump API, you use the procedures provided in the DBMS_DATAPUMP package. The following steps list the basic activities involved in using the Data Pump API. The steps are presented in the order in which the activities would generally be performed:

  1. Execute the DBMS_DATAPUMP.OPEN procedure to create a Data Pump job and its infrastructure.
  2. Define any parameters for the job.
  3. Start the job.
  4. Optionally, monitor the job until it completes.
  5. Optionally, detach from the job and reattach at a later time.
  6. Optionally, stop the job.
  7. Optionally, restart the job, if desired.

These concepts are illustrated in the examples provided in the next section.

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