Specifying Data File Format and Buffering

When configuring SQL*Loader, you can specify an operating system-dependent file processing options string (os_file_proc_clause) in the control file to specify file format and buffering.

For example, suppose that your operating system has the following option-string syntax:

In this syntax, RECSIZE is the size of a fixed-length record, and BUFFERS is the number of buffers to use for asynchronous I/O.

To declare a file named mydata.dat as a file that contains 80-byte records and instruct SQL*Loader to use 8 I/O buffers, you would use the following control file entry:

INFILE 'mydata.dat' "RECSIZE 80 BUFFERS 8" 


This example uses the recommended convention of single quotation marks for file names and double quotation marks for everything else.

See Also:

Oracle Database Platform Guide for Microsoft Windows for information about using the os_file_proc_clause on Windows systems.