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Allows you to rename tables during an import operation.

Syntax and Description

You can use either of the following syntaxes (see the Usage Notes below):




You can use the REMAP_TABLE parameter to rename entire tables or to rename table partitions if the table is being departitioned. (See "PARTITION_OPTIONS".)

You can also use it to override the automatic naming of table partitions that were exported.

Usage Notes

Be aware that with the first syntax, if you specify REMAP_TABLE=A.B:C, then Import assumes that A is a schema name, B is the old table name, and C is the new table name. To use the first syntax to rename a partition that is being promoted to a nonpartitioned table, you must specify a schema name.

To use the second syntax to rename a partition being promoted to a nonpartitioned table, you only need to qualify it with the old table name. No schema name is required.


  • Only objects created by the Import will be remapped. In particular, preexisting tables will not be remapped.

  • The REMAP_TABLE parameter will not work if the table being remapped has named constraints in the same schema and the constraints need to be created when the table is created.


The following is an example of using the REMAP_TABLE parameter to rename the employees table to a new name of emps:

> impdp hr DIRECTORY=dpump_dir1 DUMPFILE=expschema.dmp
TABLES=hr.employees REMAP_TABLE=hr.employees:emps