Default: TRUE


The DNFS_ENABLE parameter lets you enable and disable use of the Direct NFS Client on input data files during a SQL*Loader operation.

The Direct NFS Client is an API that can be implemented by file servers to allow improved performance when Oracle accesses files on those servers.

Syntax and Description

The syntax is as follows:


SQL*Loader uses the Direct NFS Client interfaces by default when it reads data files over 1 GB. For smaller files, the operating system's I/O interfaces are used. To use the Direct NFS Client on all input data files, use DNFS_ENABLE=TRUE.

To disable use of the Direct NFS Client for all data files, specify DNFS_ENABLE=FALSE.

The DNFS_ENABLE parameter can be used in conjunction with the DNFS_READBUFFERS parameter, which can specify the number of read buffers used by the Direct NFS Client.

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