Removes incidents from an existing package.

Syntax and Description

ips remove {incident inc_id | problem prob_id | problemkey prob_key} 
     package package_id

After removing incidents from a package, the incidents continue to be tracked within the package metadata to prevent ADRCI from automatically including them later (such as with ADD NEW INCIDENTS).

Table 17-7 describes the arguments of IPS REMOVE.

Table 17-7 Arguments of IPS REMOVE command

Argument Description

incident inc_id

Removes the incident with ID inc_id from the package

problem prob_id

Removes all incidents with problem ID prob_id from the package

problemkey pr_key

Removes all incidents with problem key pr_key from the package

package package_id

Removes incidents from the package with ID package_id.


This example removes incident 22 from package 12:

ips remove incident 22 package 12

See Also:

"IPS GET MANIFEST" for information about package metadata