Enabling Supplemental Logging in a CDB

In a CDB, the syntax for enabling and disabling database-wide supplemental logging is the same as in a non-CDB database:


However, note the following:

  • In a CDB, supplemental logging levels that are enabled from CDB$ROOT are enabled across the CDB.

  • If at least minimal supplemental logging is enabled in CDB$ROOT, then additional supplemental logging levels can be enabled at the PDB level.

  • Supplemental logging levels enabled at the CDB level from CDB$ROOT cannot be disabled at the PDB level.

  • Dropping all supplemental logging from CDB$ROOT disables all supplemental logging across the CDB regardless of previous PDB level settings.

Supplemental logging operations started with CREATE TABLE and ALTER TABLE statements can be executed from either the root database or a PDB and affect only the table to which they are applied.