Copies a file from the ADR to the external file system.

To edit a file in a package, you must copy the file out to a designated directory, edit the file, and copy it back into the package. You may want to do this to delete sensitive data in the file before sending the package to Oracle Support.

Syntax and Description

ips copy out file source to target [overwrite]

Copies a file, source, to a location outside the ADR, target (specified with full path name). Use the overwrite option to overwrite the file that exists already.


This example copies the file orcl_ora_13579.trc, in the trace subdirectory of the current ADR home, to a local folder.

ips copy out file <ADR_HOME>/trace/orcl_ora_13579.trc to /home/nick/trace/orcl_ora_13579.trc

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