Default: 50


The ERRORS parameter specifies the maximum number of insert errors to allow.

Syntax and Description


If the number of errors exceeds the value specified for ERRORS, then SQL*Loader terminates the load. Any data inserted up to that point is committed.

To permit no errors at all, set ERRORS=0. To specify that all errors be allowed, use a very high number.

SQL*Loader maintains the consistency of records across all tables. Therefore, multitable loads do not terminate immediately if errors exceed the error limit. When SQL*Loader encounters the maximum number of errors for a multitable load, it continues to load rows to ensure that valid rows previously loaded into tables are loaded into all tables and rejected rows are filtered out of all tables.

In all cases, SQL*Loader writes erroneous records to the bad file.


The following example specifies a maximum of 25 insert errors for the load. After that, the load is terminated.