Index Options

This section describes the following SQL*Loader options that control how index entries are created:




The SORTED INDEXES clause applies to direct path loads. It tells SQL*Loader that the incoming data has already been sorted on the specified indexes, allowing SQL*Loader to optimize performance.

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The SINGLEROW option is intended for use during a direct path load with APPEND on systems with limited memory, or when loading a small number of records into a large table. This option inserts each index entry directly into the index, one record at a time.

By default, SQL*Loader does not use SINGLEROW to append records to a table. Instead, index entries are put into a separate, temporary storage area and merged with the original index at the end of the load. This method achieves better performance and produces an optimal index, but it requires extra storage space. During the merge operation, the original index, the new index, and the space for new entries all simultaneously occupy storage space.

With the SINGLEROW option, storage space is not required for new index entries or for a new index. The resulting index may not be as optimal as a freshly sorted one, but it takes less space to produce. It also takes more time because additional UNDO information is generated for each index insert. This option is suggested for use when either of the following situations exists:

  • Available storage is limited.

  • The number of records to be loaded is small compared to the size of the table (a ratio of 1:20 or less is recommended).