Troubleshooting ADRCI

The following are some common ADRCI error messages, with their possible causes and remedies:

No ADR base is set

Cause: You may have started ADRCI with a null or invalid value for the ORACLE_HOME environment variable.

Action: Exit ADRCI, set the ORACLE_HOME environment variable, and restart ADRCI. See "ADR Base" for more information.

DIA-48323: Specified pathname string must be inside current ADR home

Cause: A file outside of the ADR home is not allowed as an incident file for this command.

Action: Retry using an incident file inside the ADR home.

DIA-48400: ADRCI initialization failed

Cause: The ADR Base directory does not exist.

Action: Check the value of the DIAGNOSTIC_DEST initialization parameter, and ensure that it points to an ADR base directory that contains at least one ADR home. If DIAGNOSTIC_DEST is missing or null, check for a valid ADR base directory hierarchy in ORACLE_HOME/log.

DIA-48431: Must specify at least one ADR home path

Cause: The command requires at least one ADR home to be current.

Action: Use the SET HOMEPATH command to make one or more ADR homes current.

DIA-48432: The ADR home path string is not valid

Cause: The supplied ADR home is not valid, possibly because the path does not exist.

Action: Check if the supplied ADR home path exists.

DIA-48447: The input path [path] does not contain any ADR homes

Cause: When using SET HOMEPATH to set an ADR home, you must supply a path relative to the current ADR base.

Action: If the new desired ADR home is not within the current ADR base, first set ADR base with SET BASE, and then use SHOW HOMES to check the ADR homes under the new ADR base. Next, use SET HOMEPATH to set a new ADR home if necessary.

DIA-48448: This command does not support multiple ADR homes

Cause: There are multiple current ADR homes in the current ADRCI session.

Action: Use the SET HOMEPATH command to make a single ADR home current.