Transportable Tablespace Mode

A transportable tablespace import is specified using the TRANSPORT_TABLESPACES parameter. In transportable tablespace mode, the metadata from another database is loaded using either a database link (specified with the NETWORK_LINK parameter) or by specifying a dump file that contains the metadata. The actual data files, specified by the TRANSPORT_DATAFILES parameter, must be made available from the source system for use in the target database, typically by copying them over to the target system.

When transportable jobs are performed, it is best practice to keep a copy of the data files on the source system until the import job has successfully completed on the target system. If the import job should fail for some reason, you will still have uncorrupted copies of the data files. See "Using Data File Copying to Move Data."

Neither encrypted columns nor encrypted tablespaces are supported in transportable tablespace mode.

This mode requires the DATAPUMP_IMP_FULL_DATABASE role.


You cannot export transportable tablespaces and then import them into a database at a lower release level. The target database must be at the same or later release level as the source database.

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