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Changes in This Release for Oracle Database Utilities

Part I Oracle Data Pump

1 Overview of Oracle Data Pump

2 Data Pump Export

3 Data Pump Import

4 Data Pump Legacy Mode

5 Data Pump Performance

6 The Data Pump API

Part II SQL*Loader

7 SQL*Loader Concepts

8 SQL*Loader Command-Line Reference

9 SQL*Loader Control File Reference

10 SQL*Loader Field List Reference

11 Loading Objects, LOBs, and Collections

12 Conventional and Direct Path Loads

13 SQL*Loader Express

Part III External Tables

14 External Tables Concepts

15 The ORACLE_LOADER Access Driver

16 The ORACLE_DATAPUMP Access Driver

Part IV Other Utilities

17 ADRCI: ADR Command Interpreter

18 DBVERIFY: Offline Database Verification Utility

19 DBNEWID Utility

20 Using LogMiner to Analyze Redo Log Files

21 Using the Metadata APIs

22 Original Export

23 Original Import

Part V Appendixes

A SQL*Loader Syntax Diagrams