The Summary section of the Activity tab is shown. The section contains a chart.

The y-axis of the chart is labeled Active Sessions. The values on the axis range from 0 to 2 in .2 intervals. At 2 is a line along the x-axis labeled Maximum CPU. The x-axis has times of day in 10-minute intervals. The times begin at 2:46 p.m and to 3:36 p.m. The legend of the chart has the following: buffer busy waits, latch: In memory undo latch, resmgr:cpu quantum, log file switch (checkpoint incomplete), latch: cache buffers chains, CPU Used.

The chart shows activity in CPU Used, buffer busy waits, latch: In memory undo latch, and resmgr:cpu quantum. The most activity is in CPU Used. The greatest activity occurs from 2:46 to 2:49, with the highest spike going to .55 at 2:49. Session activity is then 0 until 3:21 when activity begins again. The activity is above .5 several times between 3:22 and 3:37. The highest spike is 6.5 at 3:32. The chart as a shaded box encompassing the time between 3:26 and 3:31.

The Detail for Selected 5 Minute Interval section contains the Run AWR SQL Report button and Run ASH Report button. It has a label-value pair. The label is Start Time and the value is Dec 30, 2011 3:26:00 PM. The section has a table.

The table has the following columns: Activity (%), SID, QC SID, User, Program, Service, Plan Hash Value. The activity column has a bar graph and a percentage value. The table has one row, which has the following values: (a bar with CPU Used as 75% of the width, buffer busy waits as 11%, latch: In memory undo latch as 8%, and resmgr:cpu quantum as 6%) 100.00, 19 (shown as a link), null, HR (shown as a link), sqlplus@dbhost (TNS V1-V3), SYS$USERS (shown as a link), and 3955013071.

End of description.