This screenshot shows the Monitored SQL Execution Details page for the PL/SQL statement 3tyhdn7fw9w43. Next to the title of the page is a Completed symbol. Next is the Navigate to SQL Details link. At the top right of the page is the label-value pair Page Refreshed: 3:59:08 p.m GMT-0500.

The page has the Overview group and the Details group. In the Overview group are the General, Time & Wait Statistics, and IO Statistics groups.

SQL Text: declare--v1 number

The General group has the following label-value pairs:

Execution Started: Sat Sep 15, 2012 3:46:11 p.m.

Last Refresh Time: Sat Sep 15, 2012 3:47:31 p.m.

Execution ID: 1677216

User: SH

Fetch Calls: 0

The Time & Wait Statistics group has the following label-value pairs:

Duration: bar and 1.3m

Database Time: bar and 1.3m

PL/SQL & Java: 0us

Wait Activity %: 100

The IO Statistics group has the following label-value pairs:

Buffer Gets: bar and 2,248K

IO Requests: 0

IO Bytes: 0

The Details group has the Activity subpage and the Metrics subpage. The Activity subpage is showing. The subpage has the CPU Cores option, which is selected. The page has a stacked area chart. The y-axis values are the average active sessions. The x-axis values are times of day in 10 second intervals from 3:46:15 p.m. to 3:47:35 p.m.

The legend to the right of the chart has the following items: Total Activity, CPU Cores, sql_id: c, sql_id: ctv199sqz0wdg, sql_id: 14gfqcy9qw856, sql_id:dqg0t4gm5snus. The chart has a line representing the number of CPU cores at 2 on the y-axis and extending the length of the x-axis. The charts shows the amount and duration of activity of the operations.