Viewing the Segment Activity History of Any Object

To view the segment activity history of any object, follow these steps:

  1. From the Administration menu, choose Storage, then select Information Lifecycle Management.

    Enterprise Manager displays the Information Lifecycle Management page.

  2. Move the cursor over any of the boxes within the Database level heat map where each box represents a tablespace. Click the Tablespace to which the object you want to view belongs.

    Enterprise Manager displays the Tablespace level heat map for the 100 largest objects belonging to the tablespace. The Segment Activity tables displays the Segment Activity details for the 100 largest objects.

  3. Select the object in the Segment Activity details table and click the Activity History button.

    Enterprise Manager displays the Edit Object page with the ADO tab selected. The ADO tab displays a list of policies and the Segment Access history.

  4. You can select a segment, change the date range to be the last 60 days, select the Daily option, and clicks the Refresh button to display the Segment Access History for the object for the last 60 days.