Viewing Policies for a Segment

To view the policies associated with a segment, follow these steps:

  1. From the Administration menu, choose Storage, then select Information Lifecycle Management.

    Enterprise Manager displays the Information Lifecycle Management page.

  2. On the Information Lifecycle Management page, click Go. If the segments in the search results have policies associated with them, the count is displayed in the Policies column and is non-zero. Move your mouse over the count to view the associated policies with the segment, including inherited policies. If the count is zero then no policies are associated with the segment.

    From the Database level heat map drill down to Tablespace level heat map. On the Tablespace level heat map Enterprise Manager displays the top 100 Objects belonging to the Tablespace. For each object, Enterprise Manager displays the count of policies in the column.

    From Tablespace level heat map select an object and drill down to the object level heat map. Enterprise Manager displays the Top 100 largest Segments belonging to the Object. For each segment, Enterprise Manager displays a count of policies in the Policies column.