Adding Values for a List Subpartition

This operation is essentially the same as described for "About Modifying List Partitions: Adding Values", however, you use a MODIFY SUBPARTITION clause instead of the MODIFY PARTITION clause. For example, to extend the range of literal values in the value list for subpartition q1_1999_southeast, use the following statement:

ALTER TABLE quarterly_regional_sales
   MODIFY SUBPARTITION q1_1999_southeast
      ADD VALUES ('KS');

Literal values being added must not have been included in any other subpartition value list within the owning partition. However, they can be duplicates of literal values in the subpartition value lists of other partitions within the table.

For an interval-list composite partitioned table, you can only add values to subpartitions of range partitions or interval partitions that have been created. To add values to subpartitions of interval partitions that have not yet been created, you must modify the subpartition template.