Performing PMOs on Partitions that Contain Collection Tables

Whether a partition contains Collection Tables or not does not significantly affect your ability to perform partition maintenance operations (PMOs). Usually, maintenance operations on Collection Tables are carried out on the base table. The following example illustrates a typical ADD PARTITION operation based on the preceding nested table partition:

ALTER TABLE print_media_part 
   LOB(ad_photo, ad_composite) STORE AS (TABLESPACE omf_ts1)
   LOB(ad_sourcetext, ad_finaltext) STORE AS (TABLESPACE omf_ts1)
   NESTED TABLE ad_textdocs_ntab STORE AS nt_p3;

The storage table for nested table storage column ad_textdocs_ntab is named nt_p3 and inherits all other attributes from the table-level defaults and then from the tablespace defaults.

You must directly invoke the following partition maintenance operations on the storage table corresponding to the collection column:

  • modify partition

  • move partition

  • rename partition

  • modify the default attributes of a partition

See Also:

Oracle Database SQL Language Reference for syntax and Maintenance Operations on Partitions That Can Be Performed for a list of partition maintenance operations that can be performed on partitioned tables and composite partitioned tables