Stopping a Policy Execution

To stop a policy execution, follow these steps:

  1. From the Administration menu, choose Storage, then select Information Lifecycle Management.

    Enterprise Manager displays the Information Lifecycle Management page.

  2. On the Information Lifecycle Management page, click the Policy tab.

  3. In the Jobs region under Policy Execution Summary for Last 24 Hours, click the In Progress link. This step assumes there is at least one task or job in progress.

    A dialog box displays listing all currently executing tasks.

  4. Click the Jobs link for one of the tasks listed in the table.

    A dialog box displays listing details about the job(s) running as part of the task.

  5. Clicks OK.

    The Jobs Details dialog box closes.

  6. Select a row in the table and click Stop Execution.

    A dialog box displays confirmation of the stop execution process.

  7. Click OK.

    The confirmation dialog box is dismissed.