About Oracle Database for ILM

Oracle Database provides the ideal platform for implementing an ILM solution, because it offers:

  • Application Transparency

    Application transparency is very important in ILM because it means that there is no need to customize applications and it also enables various changes to be made to the data without any effect on the applications that are using that data. Data can easily be moved at the different stages of its lifecycle and access to the data can be optimized with the database. Another important benefit is that application transparency offers the flexibility required to quickly adapt to any new regulatory requirements, again without any impact on the existing applications.

  • Fine-grained data

    Oracle can view data at a very fine-grained level and group related data, whereas storage devices only see bytes and blocks.

  • Low-Cost Storage

    With so much data to retain, using low cost storage is a key factor in implementing ILM. Because Oracle can take advantage of many types of storage devices, the maximum amount of data can be held for the lowest possible cost.

  • Enforceable Compliance Policies

    When information is kept for compliance reasons, it is imperative to show to regulatory bodies that data is being retained and managed in accordance with the regulations. Within Oracle Database, it is possible to define security and audit policies, which enforce and log all access to data.

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