Bigfile Tablespaces

Oracle Database enables the creation of bigfile tablespaces. A bigfile tablespace consists of a single data or temporary file which can be up to 128 TB. The use of bigfile tablespaces can significantly reduce the number of data files for your database. Oracle Database supports parallel RMAN backup and restore on single data files.

Consequently, there is no disadvantage to using bigfile tablespaces and you may choose to use bigfile tablespaces to significantly reduce the number of data and temporary files.

File allocation is a serial process. If you use automatic allocation for your tables and automatically extensible data files, then a large data load can be impacted by the amount of time it takes to extend the file, regardless of whether you use bigfile tablespaces. However, if you preallocate data files and you use multiple data files, then multiple processes are spawned to add data files concurrently.