Searching Segment Activity in Automatic Data Optimization

To search for segment activities during different time durations in Automatic Data Optimization, follow these steps:

  1. From the Administration menu, choose Storage, then select Information Lifecycle Management.

    Enterprise Manager displays the Information Lifecycle Management page.

  2. On the Information Lifecycle Management page, click any of the boxes in a heat map. From the initial display which is the database level, click a box in the heat map to display the 100 largest objects in that tablespace. You can then click a heat map box to see the heat map of the 100 largest segments in that object.

  3. Enter a timestamp that is one year ago for the Last Access Time and then click Go. A list of segments that have not been accessed or modified in the last year are displayed. The segments are sorted in descending order by segment size.

    On the object level heat map, you can search for a specific segment based on Tablespace, Name, Partition, Type, Last Access Time, Last Write Time, Last Full Scan Time, and Last Look Up Scan Time.

    You can select a row (segment) and view the row activity for that segment clicking the Policies column to view the policies associated with the segment.