Parallel Queries on Object Types

Parallel queries can be performed on object type tables and tables containing object type columns. Parallel query for object types supports all of the features that are available for sequential queries on object types, including:

  • Methods on object types

  • Attribute access of object types

  • Constructors to create object type instances

  • Object views

  • PL/SQL and Oracle Call Interface (OCI) queries for object types

There are no limitations on the size of the object types for parallel queries.

The following restrictions apply to using parallel query for object types:

  • A MAP function is needed to execute queries in parallel for queries involving joins and sorts (through ORDER BY, GROUP BY, or set operations). Without a MAP function, the query is automatically executed serially.

  • Parallel DML and parallel DDL are not supported with object types, and such statements are always performed serially.

In all cases where the query cannot execute in parallel because of any of these restrictions, the whole query executes serially without giving an error message.