Data Warehouses

A data warehouse is a system that is designed to support analysis and decision-making. In a typical enterprise, hundreds or thousands of users may rely on the data warehouse to provide the information to help them understand their business and make better decisions. Therefore, availability is a key requirement for data warehousing. This chapter discusses one key aspect of data warehouse availability: the recovery of data after a data loss.

Before looking at the backup and recovery techniques in detail, it is important to discuss specific techniques for backup and recovery of a data warehouse. In particular, one legitimate question might be: Should a data warehouse backup and recovery strategy be just like that of every other database system?

A DBA should initially approach the task of data warehouse backup and recovery by applying the same techniques that are used in OLTP systems: the DBA must decide what information to protect and quickly recover when media recovery is required, prioritizing data according to its importance and the degree to which it changes. However, the issue that commonly arises for data warehouses is that an approach that is efficient and cost-effective for a 100 GB OLTP system may not be viable for a 10 TB data warehouse. The backup and recovery may take 100 times longer or require 100 times more storage.

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