Evaluating a Policy Before Execution

To evaluate a policy before executing the policy, follow these steps:

  1. From the Administration menu, choose Storage, then select Information Lifecycle Management.

    Enterprise Manager displays the Information Lifecycle Management page.

  2. On the Information Lifecycle Management page, click the Policy tab.

  3. In the Evaluations region, click Evaluate.

    A dialog box displays giving you the choice of evaluating all policies in the database, or all policies affecting objects in a particular schema.

  4. Enter a Schema Name and click OK to initiate the evaluation.

    The evaluation dialog box closes and the evaluation is submitted. You can refresh the page or perform other Enterprise Manager tasks and then revisit the Policy Tab later. When you do, the Completed count in the Evaluations region is increased by 1.

  5. When you click the Completed count link in the Evaluations region, a dialog box is displayed that lists all completed evaluations.

  6. When you click the Task ID of the most recent evaluation, the Evaluation Details dialog box is displayed listing all objects currently included in the evaluation task that will either be compressed or moved if this evaluation is executed.

  7. Click OK to include the list of objects in the execution. The Evaluation Details dialog box closes.

  8. Select the row in the Evaluations table containing the most recent evaluation (top most row), then click Execute.

    The Execute Evaluation dialog box is displayed, again listing the objects that will be affected during execution.

  9. Click OK to begin the execution.

    The Execute Evaluation dialog box closes. Eventually, execution results can be seen by clicking the Completed or Failed links in the Jobs or Policies regions under Policy Execution Summary for Last 24 Hours. Also, eventually the Evaluations Completed count is decreased by 1, as the task changes state from INACTIVE to ACTIVE to COMPLETED.