Adding Values for a List Partition

Use the MODIFY PARTITION ADD VALUES clause of the ALTER TABLE statement to extend the value list of an existing partition. Literal values being added must not have been included in any other partition value list. The partition value list for any corresponding local index partition is correspondingly extended, and any global indexes, or global or local index partitions, remain usable.

The following statement adds a new set of state codes ('OK', 'KS') to an existing partition list.

ALTER TABLE sales_by_region
   MODIFY PARTITION region_south
      ADD VALUES ('OK', 'KS');

The existence of a default partition can have a performance impact when adding values to other partitions. This is because to add values to a list partition, the database must check that the values being added do not exist in the default partition. If any of the values do exist in the default partition, then an error is displayed.


The database runs a query to check for the existence of rows in the default partition that correspond to the literal values being added. Therefore, it is advisable to create a local prefixed index on the table. This speeds up the execution of the query and the overall operation.

You cannot add values to a default list partition.