Splitting a *-Range Subpartition

Splitting a range subpartition of a *-range partitioned table is similar to the description in "Splitting a Partition of a Range-Partitioned Table", but the syntax is that of SUBPARTITION rather than PARTITION. For example, the following statement splits a subpartition of the orders table:

SPLIT SUBPARTITION p_pre_may_2007_p_large AT (50000)
INTO (SUBPARTITION p_pre_may_2007_med_large TABLESPACE TS4
     , SUBPARTITION p_pre_may_2007_large_large TABLESPACE TS5

This operation splits the subpartition p_pre_may_2007_p_large into two subpartitions:

  • p_pre_may_2007_med_large with values between 10000 and 50000

  • p_pre_may_2007_large_large with values between 50000 and 100000

The individual subpartitions have new physical attributes that are inherited from the subpartition being split.

You can only split subpartitions in an interval-range partitioned table for range partitions or materialized interval partitions. To change subpartition boundaries for future interval partitions, you must modify the subpartition template.