Merging *-Hash Partitions

When you merge *-hash partitions, the subpartitions are rehashed into the number of subpartitions specified by SUBPARTITIONS n or the SUBPARTITION clause. If neither is included, table-level defaults are used.

The inheritance of properties is different when a *-hash partition is split (discussed in "Splitting a *-Hash Partition"), as opposed to when two *-hash partitions are merged. When a partition is split, the new partitions can inherit properties from the original partition because there is only one parent. However, when partitions are merged, properties must be inherited from the table level.

For interval-hash partitioned tables, you can only merge two adjacent interval partitions, or the highest range partition with the first interval partition. As described in "Merging Interval Partitions", the transition point moves when you merge intervals in an interval-hash partitioned table.

The following example merges two range-hash partitions:

ALTER TABLE all_seasons
   MERGE PARTITIONS quarter_1, quarter_2 INTO PARTITION quarter_2