Local Partitioned Indexes

In a local index, all keys in a particular index partition refer only to rows stored in a single underlying table partition. A local index is equipartitioned with the underlying table. Oracle Database partitions the index on the same columns as the underlying table, creates the same number of partitions or subpartitions, and gives them the same partition boundaries as corresponding partitions of the underlying table.

Oracle Database also maintains the index partitioning automatically when partitions in the underlying table are added, dropped, merged, or split, or when hash partitions or subpartitions are added or coalesced. This ensures that the index remains equipartitioned with the table.

For data warehouse applications, local nonprefixed indexes can improve performance because many index partitions can be scanned in parallel by range queries on the index key. The following example creates a local B-tree index on a partitioned customers_dw table:

CREATE INDEX cust_last_name_ix
 ON customers_dw(last_name) LOCAL

Bitmap indexes use a very efficient storage mechanism for low cardinality columns. Bitmap indexes are used in data warehouses, and especially common in data warehouses that implement star schemas. A single star schema consists of a central large fact table and multiple smaller dimension tables that describe the data in the fact table.

For example, the sales table in the sample sh schema in Oracle Database is a fact table, that is described by dimension tables customers, products, promotions, times, and channels. Bitmap indexes enable the star transformation, an optimization for fast query retrieval against star or star look-a-like schemas.

Fact table foreign key columns are ideal candidates for bitmap indexes, because generally there are few distinct values relative to the total number of rows. Fact tables are often range or range-* partitioned, in which case you must create local bitmap indexes. Global bitmap indexes on partitioned tables are not supported.

The following example creates a local partitioned bitmap index on the sales table:

ON sales(prod_id) LOCAL

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