Using PL/SQL Functions for Policy Management

You can use the PL/SQL DBMS_ILM and DBMS_ILM_ADMIN packages for advanced policy management and customization to implement more complex ADO scenarios and control when policies are actively moving and compressing data. With the PL/SQL DBMS_ILM and DBMS_ILM_ADMIN packages, you can manage ILM activities for ADO so that they do not negatively impact important production workloads. Database compatibility must be set to a minimum of 12.0 to use these packages.

The EXECUTE_ILM procedure of the DBMS_ILM package creates and schedules jobs to enforce policies for ADO. The EXECUTE_ILM() procedure provides this functionality, regardless of any previously-scheduled ILM jobs. All jobs are created and scheduled to run immediately; however, whether they are run immediately depends on the number of jobs queued with the scheduler.

You can use the EXECUTE_ILM procedure if you want more control when ILM jobs are performed, and do not want to wait until the next maintenance window.

The CUSTOMIZE_ILM procedure in the DBMS_ILM_ADMIN PL/SQL package enables you to customize settings for ADO. For example, you can set the values for TBS_PERCENT_USED and TBS_PERCENT_FREE ILM parameters as shown in Example 5-8.

You can also recreate objects with policies using the DBMS_METADATA PL/SQL package.

See Also:

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Example 5-8 Using CUSTOMIZE_ILM to customize ADO settings

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