Dropping Values from a List Partition

Use the MODIFY PARTITION DROP VALUES clause of the ALTER TABLE statement to remove literal values from the value list of an existing partition. The statement is always executed with validation, meaning that it checks to see if any rows exist in the partition that corresponds to the set of values being dropped. If any such rows are found then the database returns an error message and the operation fails. When necessary, use a DELETE statement to delete corresponding rows from the table before attempting to drop values.


You cannot drop all literal values from the value list describing the partition. You must use the ALTER TABLE DROP PARTITION statement instead.

The partition value list for any corresponding local index partition reflects the new value list, and any global index, or global or local index partitions, remain usable.

The following statement drops a set of state codes ('OK' and 'KS') from an existing partition value list.

ALTER TABLE sales_by_region
   MODIFY PARTITION region_south
      DROP VALUES ('OK', 'KS');


The database runs a query to check for the existence of rows in the partition that correspond to the literal values being dropped. Therefore, it is advisable to create a local prefixed index on the table. This speeds up the query and the overall operation.

You cannot drop values from a default list partition.