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Changes in This Release for Oracle Clusterware Administration and Deployment Guide

1 Introduction to Oracle Clusterware

2 Oracle Clusterware Configuration and Administration

3 Policy-Based Cluster and Capacity Management

4 Oracle Flex Clusters

5 Rapid Home Provisioning, Scaling, Patching, and Upgrading

6 Managing Oracle Cluster Registry and Voting Files

7 Adding and Deleting Cluster Nodes

8 Cloning Oracle Clusterware

9 Making Applications Highly Available Using Oracle Clusterware

A Cluster Verification Utility Reference

B Oracle Clusterware Resource Reference

C OLSNODES Command Reference

D Oracle Interface Configuration Tool (OIFCFG) Command Reference

E Oracle Clusterware Control (CRSCTL) Utility Reference

F Rapid Home Provisioning Control (RHPCTL) Command Reference

G Server Control (SRVCTL) Command Reference

H Oracle Clusterware Agent Framework C Application Program Interfaces

I Oracle Clusterware C Application Program Interfaces

J Oracle Cluster Registry Utility Reference

K Troubleshooting Oracle Clusterware