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Changes in This Release for Oracle Database Data Warehousing Guide

Part I Data Warehouse - Fundamentals

1 Introduction to Data Warehousing Concepts

2 Data Warehousing Logical Design

3 Data Warehousing Physical Design

4 Data Warehousing Optimizations and Techniques

Part II Optimizing Data Warehouses

5 Basic Materialized Views

6 Advanced Materialized Views

7 Refreshing Materialized Views

8 Synchronous Refresh

9 Monitoring Materialized View Refresh Operations

10 Dimensions

11 Basic Query Rewrite for Materialized Views

12 Advanced Query Rewrite for Materialized Views

13 Attribute Clustering

14 Using Zone Maps

Part III Data Movement/ETL

15 Data Movement/ETL Overview

16 Extraction in Data Warehouses

17 Transportation in Data Warehouses

18 Loading and Transformation in Data Warehouses

Part IV Relational Analytics

19 SQL for Analysis and Reporting

20 SQL for Aggregation in Data Warehouses

21 SQL for Pattern Matching

22 SQL for Modeling

23 Advanced Analytical SQL

Part V Analytic Views

24 Overview of Analytic Views

25 Attribute Dimension and Hierarchy Objects

26 Analytic View Objects