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Changes in This Release for Oracle Database In-Memory Guide

Part I Oracle Database In-Memory Concepts

1 Introduction to Oracle Database In-Memory

2 In-Memory Column Store Architecture

Part II Configuring the IM Column Store

3 Enabling and Sizing the IM Column Store

4 Enabling Objects for In-Memory Population

Part III Optimizing In-Memory Queries

5 Optimizing Queries with In-Memory Expressions

6 Optimizing Joins with Join Groups

7 Optimizing Joins with In-Memory Aggregation

8 Optimizing Repopulation of the IM Column Store

Part IV High Availability and the IM Column Store

9 Managing IM FastStart for the IM Column Store

10 Deploying IM Column Stores in Oracle RAC

11 Deploying an IM Column Store with Oracle Active Data Guard

Part V Database In-Memory Reference

12 In-Memory Initialization Parameters

13 In-Memory Views

A Using IM Column Store In Cloud Control