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Changes in This Release for Oracle Automatic Storage Management Administrator's Guide

Part I Introduction

1 Introducing Oracle Automatic Storage Management

2 Exploring Considerations for Oracle ASM Storage

Part II Oracle ASM Instances and Disk Groups

3 Administering Oracle ASM Instances

4 Administering Oracle ASM Disk Groups

5 Administering Oracle ASM Files, Directories, and Templates

6 Using Views to Display Oracle ASM Information

7 Administering Oracle ASM with Oracle Enterprise Manager

8 Performing Oracle ASM Data Migration with RMAN

9 Managing Oracle ASM With ASMCA

10 Managing Oracle ASM with ASMCMD

Part III Oracle Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System

11 Introducing Oracle ACFS and Oracle ADVM

12 Using Views to Display Oracle ACFS Information

13 Administering Oracle ACFS with Oracle Enterprise Manager

14 Managing Oracle ACFS and Oracle ADVM With ASMCA

15 Managing Oracle ADVM with ASMCMD

16 Managing Oracle ACFS with Command-Line Tools

Part IV Advanced Topics

17 Understanding Oracle ACFS Advanced Topics

18 Configuring Oracle ACFS Snapshot-Based Replication

19 Managing Oracle Flex ASM

20 Administering Oracle ASM Filter Driver

21 Creating Database Files in Oracle ASM Using SQL*Plus